5 Benefits of Using Luxury Restroom Trailers

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Whether you run a growing business and need more restrooms for your customers or employees, or you are hosting an event and want to upgrade the restroom accommodations for your guests — a wide range of portable restroom options exist.

Instead of the basic portable restrooms you see at most events, luxury restroom trailers are top of the line and have many features that standard portable restrooms do not.

When you’ve got to go — go in style! Below are five reasons why luxury restroom trailers are the fastest growing portable restroom option.

  1. Heat and A/C: When using outdoor restrooms, the weather has a big impact on how the inside of the restroom feels. With standard portable restrooms, a hot day can make people not want to go anywhere near your restroom due to the smell and humidity. This is why our restroom trailers have easily adjustable heat and A/C inside which give users a much more comfortable experience.


  1. Light Fixtures: Using the bathroom in the dark can be unpleasant and inconvenient. Standard portable restrooms do not have lights on the inside, making them harder to use at night and easier to make a mess in. Restroom trailers are well-lit with light fixtures on the inside that provide the look and feel of any indoor or in-home restroom.


  1. More Room: It’s common knowledge that most standard portable restrooms are pretty small and cramped. There is almost no room to move around or adjust, and can be rough if you’re someone who doesn’t do well in confined spaces. This is why our restroom trailers have multiple stalls and room to walk, giving occupants breathing space and an overall better comfort level.


  1. Glass Mirrors: Most people instinctively look at themselves in the mirror after they use the bathroom, whether it’s to make sure they don’t have food in their teeth or that their hair looks the way they want it to. However, standard portable restrooms usually do not have any mirrors, and the rare ones that do have mirrors usually do not have lights in them for you to actually be able to see anything. Our restroom trailers have good sized mirrors with good lighting so you can make sure your appearance is the way you want it to be before stepping back out to the event.


  1. Ventilation: One of the biggest turn-offs of portable restrooms is the smell. Standard units have little to no ventilation and can become very muggy and smell awful. This is not the case with our restroom trailers. The trailers are well ventilated and temperature adjusted to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

For more information about the benefits of luxury restroom trailers from Jons to Go, please contact us here or call us directly at 800.937.5667.

Choosing the Right Portable Restrooms

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When hosting an event, finding the right portable restrooms to accommodate your guests often presents a challenge. Three main factors determine what type of portable restrooms you need: the number of guests, the event type and your budget. Analyzing these factors will ensure that you get the best restrooms for your guests and your event.

For smaller events, one or two standard portable restrooms will probably suffice. For mid-size events, you may need four or five of our standard portable restrooms, or one or two of our luxury restroom trailers. Larger events may require numerous logistical considerations to ensure that restrooms are convenient and accessible for all guests.

The type of event you are hosting makes a difference in what restrooms you may need, depending on the formality or style of the event. An event for families and children may be good for our standard portable restrooms and children’s portable restrooms. A wedding or more formal event may require our luxury restroom trailers that include cherry cabinetry and trim, integrated sinks and chrome fixtures.

Jons to Go works with customers to get them the most for their money. We work with your budget to make sure that your event is a success, and that your portable restrooms are the right fit. If you need further assistance in finding the right portable restrooms for your event, our experienced team stands ready to help you make the right decisions.

For more information about choosing portable restrooms for your event from Jons to Go, please contact us here or call us directly at 800.937.5667.

Jons To Go always delivers on our short notice. They also keep the portable toilets clean and serviced on time! Thank you for all the years of service and we look forward to working with your company in the future.

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